Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

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Pressure side pool cleaners are great value automatic pool cleaners

Pressure side pool cleaners are more budget friendly than robotic pool cleaners. Starting in the low hundreds, they are powered by the pool’s water pressure, connecting to the pressure side of the filter pump system. 

With many models of pressure side cleaners, a booster pump is needed to improve your pool’s water circulation while the cleaner is in use.


Cleans large debris

Pressure side cleaners do a great job of picking up large items like sunken leaves, grass, or bugs off your pool floor. Pressure side pool cleaners are equipped with their own waste bag for easy disposal that won’t mix with your clean pool water. 

Low cost maintenance

Pressure side cleaners have few simply connected parts which makes repairs and replacement costs low.

Perfect for medium and large pools

Pressure side cleaners will navigate a medium or large pool with ease, powering off your pool’s filtration system. Let them run until the job is done, and remove them when they’re not in use to extend the useful life of your automatic cleaner.

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