Suction Side Pool Cleaners

Say hello to the best suction side pool cleaners

Entry Level Price Point

Suction side pool cleaners are a great introduction to automatic pool cleaning. They are cheaper than robotic pool cleaners and pressure side pool cleaners, making them an easy upgrade from doing it yourself.

Works Off Your Pool 

Suction side cleaners connect to the suction side of your pool’s filter system pulling collected debris directly into your filter. Suction side pool cleaners only use the circulation of your pump so they don’t add any cost to run your equipment, such as increased electrical costs for power sources or additional booster pumps. 


Minimal Parts for Minimal Maintenance 

Suction side cleaners have no electronic parts which means less things that could potentially wear out over time. That’s why suction side cleaners are easy to maintain and repairs are low-cost. Despite their lower price point, the simplistic style of these automatic pool cleaners makes for a reliable and long lifespan.

Removes Fine Debris

Suction side cleaners do a better job than pressure side cleaners of removing fine debris like small grains of sand and dirt. When it comes to pool vacuums, suction side cleaners are a great low cost option.

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