Robotic Pool Cleaners

Find the robotic pool cleaner that’s right for your pool and discover the most powerful way to clean your pool

The best automatic pool cleaner is a Robotic Pool Cleaner

There’s no question that if you have the budget, a robotic pool cleaner is the best automatic cleaner you can choose for your pool. Robotic pool cleaners come with features that suction side pool cleaners and pressure side pool cleaners don’t have. Some of our robotic pool cleaners even have pool mapping software and run off their own power source.

Highest rated robotic pool cleaners

Poolbots Canada selects the top rated robotic pool cleaners and offers a curated inventory of trusted brands. All of our products are reliable performers that will ensure a low maintenance, sparkling clean pool.


Keeps your pool its cleanest

There is just no comparing the clean you’ll get from one of our leading manufacturer’s robotic pool cleaners. You can trust brands like Dolphin, Pentair, and Hayward to have the highest end equipment that will pick up even the smallest dirt and debris from your pool floor and walls. 

Robotic pool cleaners are energy efficient and easy on your pool

Robotic pool cleaners can be up to 90% more energy efficient than suction or pressure side cleaners. Running on their own power source, they don’t add any stress to existing pool equipment. Just plug and play and you're good to go.

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