Zodiac MX8 Automatic Pool Cleaner Inground Suction Cleaner

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The Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner is ready to take on the harshest dirt and debris! The MX8 has a large vacuum inlet to capture large debris and a wider cleaning path than many of its competitors. The dual cyclonic suction allows the MX8 to move quicker and deliver the highest vacuum power while requiring 30% LESS flow. The proficient design of the MX8 enables it to require less flow than any cleaner in its class, giving you maximum savings! Fantastic choice for solar, 2-speed and variable-speed pumps. The maX-drive technology gives maximum torque and maneuverability. This allows the MX8 to give your pool walls and floors an optimal clean. The twist locking hose allows for quick, secure attachment to the cleaner head. The MX8 comes with 39 ft. of hose.


  • maX-Drive Navigation - Advanced dual navigation for best pool coverage with no hang ups thoroughly cleans floor, walls, and waterline of any size or shape pool

  • Dual Cyclonic Vacuum provides maximum suction power and extreme wall climbing ability

  • Cyclonic Suction provides unsurpassed vacuum power, wider cleaning path, and largest debris intake

  • Flex-Power Turbine provides ultra efficient operation on low-flow without compromising power

  • Can be used on all pool surfaces

  • For in-ground pools


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